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Lower Level

JCM Community Center
Crafts Workshops
Game Show Studio
Kids Library
Discovery Synagogue
Computer Labs

Crafts Workshop

A variety of year-round arts and crafts activities will supplement children’s experiences in the exhibit halls. They’ll enjoy designing challah covers similar to the one they saw on the giant Shabbat table, braiding their own havdalah candle, or creating a “tzedekah” box in which to give the charity they learned about in the World of Good. In addition to reinforcing the museum’s messages, these and other creative projects will allow children to bring home a bit of the museum experience. Special workshops throughout the year will let children try their hand at various activities, including making their own shofars for Rosh Hashanah, baking challah or matzah and making a Chanukah menorah.

Game Show Studio

Everybody loves a quiz show. At the Jewish Children’s Museum, visitors can compete against each other to answer questions on Jewish life in a sounds-and-lights-filled game show setting. Three games will be offered on a rotating schedule. The first is be based on the popular Jeopardy television show. “Spiel of Fortune” and “2 by 2 MemoRebus - formatted like “Wheel of Fortune” and “Classic Concentration” respectively - will soon follow. Varying levels of difficulty will enable children of all ages and backgrounds to play.


From movies about upcoming holidays to glimpses of Jewish life in far reaching locations, visitors to the Jewish Children’s Museum will enjoy a wide range of presentations in a state-of-the-art theater. The latest audio-visual technology has been used to create the ultimate viewing experience.

Kids Library

Filled with Jewish books, this remarkable resource enables visitors and members of the community to explore a wide range of topics, including Jewish holidays and observance, Jewish thought and theology, history, and more.

Discovery Synagogue

The Jewish Children’s Museum’s Discovery Synagogue will be a model house of worship where visitors can get up close and personal with a Torah, a yad—the pointer used to read the Torah, and other objects. See the Ner Tamid—the eternal lamp that is kept lit all of the time. Look through a prayer book, and even speak with a rabbi.