The Jewish Children's Museum

The Jewish nation was born through twelve tribes. Each tribe had a distinct set of responsibilities and skills. Their differences could have torn them apart, yet it united them. They used their strengths to help each other in a supreme example of unity despite differences.

It is easier to notice our differences than to search for what we have in common. The world is divided in countless ways; unfortunately, people often don't hesitate to hurt each other in order to achieve an agenda.

The Jewish Childrenís Museum provides an eye-opening look into Jewish history and culture, fostering respect and understanding. Since opening in 2005, the JCM has welcomed guests of every ethnicity, race and religion, recognizing that the way to peace is to put aside differences and unite.

The JCM is a living memorial to Ari Halberstam, a tenth-grader who was killed by a terrorist on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994. That day was a harsh reminder of how much hate can destroy. In the museumís 12 years, we have been building a powerful fire. Let us unite and use our combined strength to bring endless light into the world.