The Jewish Children's Museum

Thirteen years ago, the Jewish Children’s Museum opened its doors. In Jewish tradition, thirteen years is a milestone of maturity, celebrating the coming of age. Along with maturity and growth comes a deeper responsibility, and we hold that close to our hearts.

For thirteen years, the JCM has welcomed guests of every ethnicity, race and religion, educating the generations and furthering an understanding of Jewish history and culture. Throughout these years of experience and growth, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to combat any darkness with light, proudly raising our lamp higher.

Thirteen is a stepping-stone between youth and adulthood and is a year in which the energy and passion of adolescence combines with the responsibility and purpose of an adult. It is a year in which our lamp will shine with the brightest flame – radiating our light farther than ever.

The JCM is a living memorial to Ari Halberstam, a tenth-grader who was murdered by a terrorist on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1994. Each day at the JCM we continue to spread light in his memory, and at this milestone of maturity, we raffirm our commitment to our role as lamplighters, to keep the light of tolerance and understanding constantly burning.