Enjoyed the exhibits? Get ready for even more fun with our games, crafts and activities!

Six Holes of Life – Mini Golf

The fifth floor features a full-size 6-hole miniature golf course where children can play while learning about major Jewish life cycle events including the bris, baby naming, Bar Mitzvah and wedding.

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Gallery of Games

In the fifth floor’s Gallery of Games, the walls are literally teeming with activity. Kids can create images of Jewish objects as they “Paint a Picture in Light” by inserting colorful plastic pieces into a lighted board. They can also search for “Hidden Jewish Treasures” by pushing in special nails to reveal concealed shapes.

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Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself and get across the rock climbing wall! Climb through Jewish history and see images of famous events.

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Everyone has been to a library, but have you ever heard of a Toy Library? With the Toybrary addition to your membership, your family can rent 3 toys for 3 weeks. Geared for kids ages 2-5, our toys are fun and educational, and will entertain for hours. Join the Toybrary club and take home the fun! One-at-a-time rentals available for non-members too.

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Game Show Studio

Everybody loves a quiz show. At the Jewish Children’s Museum, visitors can compete against each other to answer questions on Jewish life in a sounds-and-lights-filled game show setting. Three games will be offered on a rotating schedule. The first is be based on the popular Jeopardy television show. “Spiel of Fortune” and “2 by 2 MemoRebus – formatted like “Wheel of Fortune” and “Classic Concentration” respectively – will soon follow. Varying levels of difficulty will enable children of all ages and backgrounds to play.

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From movies about upcoming holidays to glimpses of Jewish life in far reaching locations, visitors to the Jewish Children’s Museum will enjoy a wide range of presentations in a state-of-the-art theater. The latest audio-visual technology has been used to create the ultimate viewing experience.

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