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Feedback & Testimonials
We value your feed back.

Previous Feedback

“There is more that unites us than divides us: moral principles, personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty, tolerance, respect and good deeds to benefit others …. The museum, in the wing that’s called ‘A World of Good’, will convey these moral principles in a clear and a compelling way.”
– Rudolph Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City

“There’s a sense of real joy to the museum exploring the story of the Jewish people across time, space and subcultures, the museum scratches beneath the surface of superficial differences. It’s very much a living museum about a thriving community of people and how it continues to evolve.”
- Paul Rosenthal
Exhibition writer and Museum consultant

“Both the symbolic and the functional aspects of the museum building complement each other with a playful composition of forms. The building’s exterior boasts a two story high mural, a balcony, a bay window and a canopy.”
- Bob Siegel, Arcitect

“The museum will bring more families to Crown Heights and serve children more extensively.”
- Carol Enseki
Brooklyn Children’s Museum

“Just as my foundation is dedicated to helping the children of Central and Eastern Europe reclaim their Jewish heritage and develop pride in their Jewish identity, so will the Jewish Children’s Museum strengthen the Jewish values of the coming generation and enrich their lives. I feel privileged to be a part of it.”
– Ronald S. Lauder
Chairman and President
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

“A real place completely child friendly!”
– New York Public School Educator

“We are happy to see a museum that is a hands on multi-cultural teaching/learning center. We think it’s excellent!”
– Representatives of the Salvation Army

“The tremendous amount of thought, creativity and sensitivity put into this museum is apparent. I’m speechless and so impressed. Looking forward to bringing my teachers and then my students.”
- Principal of Jewish Day School in New York

"Your beautiful museum, with its mission so close to our own, is a beacon of religious tolerance and understanding. We were proud to see you standing...reminding the world that you will continue to remain strong in the face of ignorance and hostility."
- David M. Bossman
Executive Director, Seton Hall University