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Our Generous Supporters
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Our Generous Supporters


The Jewish Children’s Museum has opened with the help of many supporters, including
State and City government, Foundations, Companies and Private Individuals.
Names of major donors are displayed on the Museum’s donor wall in the main lobby,
and at specifically dedicated areas of the JCM.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to those whose support was
vital in making the JCM a reality.
They have each contributed more than one million dollars to the Jewish Children’s Museum:

The Government of the City of New York
The State Government of New York
Drs. William and Esther Benenson
Mr. & Mrs. David Slager
Mr. and Mrs. Judah Wernick

Below is a listing of contributors to the Jewish Children’s Museum.
We sincerely thank you for enabling us to reach this point as we begin operations and
share our exhibits, opening hearts, imaginations and minds.

Corporations, Private Foundations and other Organizations
Supporting the Jewish Children’s Museum:

3 Gen Corp.
501 Seventh Avenue Associates LLC
A & M Electric
A F Supply Corporation
A J A Auto Parts, Inc.
A&B Drimmer's Home Appliances
Advantage Wholesale Supply
American Corporate Benefits Inc.
American Development Group
American Recycling Management, Llc
Amtech Business Products
Apple Bank for Savings
Apple Drugs
Approved Moving & Storage Inc.
Atlantic Development Group
Azar Family Foundation
B & C Industries
Basser-Kaufman Inc.
Bencraft Hatters
Benerofe Properties
Blenco Industries Inc.
Brazill Brothers & Assoc. Inc.
Broadway Computer & Video
Broadway Management
Brother Industries, Ltd.
BRT Realty Trust
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Certilman, Balin, Adler & Hyman, LLP
Charles & Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.
The Children's Place
Citra Trading Co.
City Protection, Inc.
Committee for the Furtherance of Torah Observance
Compu-phone Inc.
Con Edison
Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany
Continental Window Cleaning Inc.
Cord Contracting Co., Inc.
Cosentini Associates
Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP
Crown Heights Pharmacy, Inc.
Crown Limousine
David Peyser Sportswear
Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.
Deitsch Textile Co., Inc.
Dependable Circular Dist.
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, NY
Digital Office Concepts
Dilon Yarn Corporation
Dr. W. O. Benenson Rehabilitation Pavilion
Duso Food Distributors Inc.
DXB Video Tapes Inc.
Dynaire Corporation
Eastgate Group
Edelson Brothers
Edison Properties, LLC
Eitz Chaim Foundation
E-J Electric Installation Co.
ENK International
Enterprise Lighting Sales
Estate of Martin Fox
Estreich & Company, Inc.
Ethel and Philip Adelman Charitable Foundation
Evergreen Funding
Ezra & Renee Dabah Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Fayerweter Capital Partners
Fesco Distributors Inc.
Firecom, Inc.
Five Star Electric
Forest Electric Corp.
Freeda Wigs, Inc.
Friedman Family Foundation Inc.
G Wrublin Company Inc.
Galaxy Freight Service Ltd.
GCP Capital Group LLC
Gem International Ltd.
The Georgetown Company
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
Giuliani Partners
The Glenstone Foundation
GM Diamonds Inc.
Goldberg & Cohn, LLP
Goldstein Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Agencies of the Federal Government of the United States of America
Agencies of the Government of the City of New York
Agencies of the Government of the State of New York
Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects llc
H & H Builders, Inc.
Healthcare Ventures Associates, Inc.
The Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale
Herrick Feinstein Llp
Highland Mint
Highview Management Inc.
Huntington Townhouse
I.S.S. Action, Inc.
Ibn Ezra L'David Zes Fund
Ideal Stamp Co.
Independence Community Bank Corp.
Industry City Associates
Infinite Solutions Group, Ltd.
Inserra Supermarkets
J K Utility Advisory Inc.
Jacquelyn Wigs
James Keene Foundation
Jetro Cash & Carry
The Jewish Press
Jiffy Parking Corp.
The Joan and Jerome Jakubovitz Foundation
Jonas Ehrlich Charitable Foundation II, Inc.
Joseph & Martha Melohn Tzedaka Fund
Joseph Stevens & Company, Inc.
Joseph Zakon Winery
Joy Construction
JRD Management Corp.
Kaufman Organization
The Kennedy/Marshall Company
The Keyspan Foundation
Killarney and Rava
KlearView Appliance Corp.
Kukin Foundation
Kwik Ticket Inc.
Legg Mason, Inc.
Leon's Sales
Leviton Manufacturing Company Inc.
Liberty Electrical Supply
Lilmor Management LLC
Lipper and Company, LP
Madison Title Agency, LLC
Magen Ezra Foundation
Maltbie, Inc.
Marlboro Building Associates, LLC
May Realty Services, Inc.
Mayore Estates Management LLC
MBS Electric Inc.
Melfox Textiles Corp.
Melga Sales Corp.
Mercer Management Consulting
Meridian Capital Funding, Inc.
Meridian Properties Ltd.
Merit Adjustors, Inc.
Merrill Lynch
Millstein Family Foundation, Inc.
Morgan Family Foundation
Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation Inc.
Multicultural Radio Broadcasting
Mutual of America Life Insurance Company
Nash Brooks Associates Inc.
Ness Paper Corporation
Net Versant
The New York Community Trust
New York Life Foundation
North Fork Bank
NYC, D C 37
NYC Hotel, Restaurant & Club Employees Union-Local #6
NYC, Local 1549, Clerical-Administrative
NYC, Local 2054, College Assistants
NYC, Local 372, Board of Education
NYC, Patrolmen's Benevolent Assoc.
NYC, Social Service Employees Union Local 371
NYC's Finest Foundation
Office Assets Management Corp.
OK Kosher Certification
One Slope Maintenance Supply
Panasonic Corporation
Partners Mortgage Inc.
Patterson Travis Inc.
Peerless Importers, Inc.
Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield, LLP
Preger & Wertenteil Inc.
Prior, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn
Quantum Electric Corp.
The Related Companies, L.P.
Renaissance Realty Group LLC
Renaissance Technologies Corporation
Rental Masters
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation
Rotavele Elevator Inc.
Roth & Company, PC
Royal Industries
Royal Waste Services, Inc.
S & H Equities, Inc.
Sackman Enterprises, Inc.
Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers
Salomon Smith Barney
Sanyo Fisher
The Sapirstein-Stone-Weiss Foundation
Sassouni Management, LLC
Schulweis Realty, Inc.
SDG Management Corp.
Selbert Perkins
Senack Real Estate Ltd.
Sentosa Care Llc
Severud Associates
Sheinkopf Ltd.
Sheraton Hotels of New York
Silverstein Properties
The Simons Foundation
Sky Management Corp.
Sol Goldman Charitable Trust
Sony Electronics Inc.
Stark, Amron, Liner & Narotsky
Sterling Electronics Corp.
Sunshine Pharmacy
Systems Support Services Ltd.
TDK Corp.
Temco Service Industries, Inc.
Thomas & Bettes Corporation
Thomson Consumer Electronics
Ticor Title Insurance
Toshiba Information Systems, Inc.
Tov Industrials
Truck King International
The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc.
Trump Taj Mahal Associates
Unity International Group
Verizon Communications
Virtual Imaging
Watson Productions
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
Weitz & Luxenberg, P C
Wesco Distribution, Inc.
William Goldberg Diamond Corp.
Window Palace, Inc.
Witco Technologies Ltd.
Wolf, Maryles & Associates, Llc
Yale Marketing Corp.

Individuals Supporting the Jewish Children’s Museum:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allen
Mr. Charles Alter
Mr. & Mrs. Marc A. Altheim
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Altheim
Mr. Albert Anikstein
Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Ashley
Mr. Allen Auerbach
Mr. Robert & Marilyn Azar
Mr. & Mrs. Mayer Balser
Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Barber
Mr. Mike Batkin
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Beckowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Begun
Mr. Victor Benatar
Dr. Esther Benenson
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. & Froma Benerofe
Mr. David Berger
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Berkowitz
Mr. Jesse A. Berman
Mr. Richard Bernstein
Mr. Alvin M. Bernstone, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bettinger
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Biderman
Mr. Leonard Bilgrei
Mr. Schneur Bistritsky
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Blady
Mr. & Mrs. David Blank
Mr. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Blumner
Mr. Morton D. Borg
Mr. & Mrs. Shaya Boymelgreen
Mr. & Mrs. Zvi Boymelgreen
Mr. & Mrs. Abish Brodt
Dr. & Mrs. Paul & Drora Brody
Dr. & Mrs. Chaim Broner
Mr. & Mrs. Carl S. Bronstein
Mr. & Mrs. Shalom Bronstein
Dr. & Mrs. Baruch Bush
Mr. & Mrs. Zev Cadaner
Mr. Anthony Campbell
Mr. Glen Caplin
Mr. Jeff Carduner
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Cattan
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cattan
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Chatzinoff
Mr. & Mrs. Zalmen Chein
Mr. David Chein
Mr. & Mrs. Ari Chitrik
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Chopp
Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Coen
Mr. John Cohen
Mr. Michael T. Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Cohn
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Cole
Mr. Frank Conti
Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Cowen
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Cygler
Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Dabah
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Dannhauser
Mr. & Mrs. Yehuda Daphna
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Mottell Deitsch
Mr. Robert E. Dineen
Mr. August A. Direnzo
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Donenfeld
Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Drimmer
Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Drizin
Mr. & Mrs. Sholom B. Drizin
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Eckstein
Mr. John Eckstein, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Edelstein
Mr. & Mrs. Gershon Eichorn
Mrs. Jacqueline Eisen
Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Elberg
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Elberger
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ellberger
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Elliot
Mr. Mark Engel
Ms. Carol G. Enseki
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Epstein
Mr. Peter Erdman
Mr. Jonathan Estreich
Mr. Jeffrey Feil
Mr. Kenneth R. Feinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Susan Feinstein
Mr. & Mrs. Chanan Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. Naftoli Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. Shloime N. Feldman
Mr. Ronald A. Finamore
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fine
Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Fishbein
Mr. Adam Flatto
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Flaxman
Mrs. Martha Foster
Mr. Edward M. Fox
Mr. Melvin Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frank
Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. Yechezkel Freund
Mr. & Mrs. Natalio Fridman
Mr. & Mrs. Bentzi Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Menashe Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Friedman
Mr. Eli Friedman
Mr. Howard Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Frimerman
Mr. Marc A. Frohlich
Mr. Michael S. Frohlich
Mr. & Mrs. Meir Fruchter
Mr. & Mrs. Menachem M. Gansburg
Ms. Marilyn Gelber
Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Gertner
Mr. & Mrs. Moshe L. Ginsburg
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Giuliani
Mr. & Mrs. Eli Glaser
Mrs. Dorothy Glassman
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gluck
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gluckow
The Gniwisch Family
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Steve H. Goldberg
Mrs. Lili Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Goldman
Ms. Jane Goldman
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Goldstein
Mr. E. Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Eli Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. Shaya Gordon
Rabbi & Mrs. Yossy Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Gorodetzky
Mr. Jerry Gottesman
Mr. & Mrs. Judah Gottlieb
Mr. Leib Gottlieb
Mrs. Sheila Gottlieb
Mr. Frederic H. Gould
Mr. Paul Greenbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Greene
Ms. Helen Greene
Mr. & Mrs. Aron Groner
Mr. Elliot Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Marty Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Guenoun
Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Gurary
Rabbi & Mrs. Nosson Gurary
Rabbi & Mrs. S.Z. Gurary
Mr. & Mrs. Menachem Gurevitch
Ms. Marcy Gutierrez
Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Gutleizer
Ms. Helena Gutleizer
Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Gutnick
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gwathmey
Mr. & Mrs. Yonason Hackner
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hammack
Mr. Simcha Hammer
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hammerman
Mr. Kenneth Hart
Dr. Pauline Hecht
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hecht
Mr. Christopher Hein
Mr. Jeremy Heisler
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hellman
Mr. David Herold
Mr. Ralph Herzka
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Linda Isaacson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Jacobs
Dr. & Mrs. Mordechai Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Ephraim Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Jaffe
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Eli Kahn
Mr. Abraham Kahn
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kastin
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob M. Katz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Katz
Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Katz
Mr. Shimon Y. Katz
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Katzenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Kauffman
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Kaufman
Mr. George Kaufman
Mrs. Grace W. Kearns
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Keeperman
Mr. & Mrs. Efrayim Keller
Ms. Kathleen Kennedy & Mr. Frank Marshal
Mr. & Mrs. A. Kirschenbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Kirschner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Kirschner
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan W. Kishner
Rabbi & Mrs. Jacob Klass
Mr. & Mrs. Bradford R. Klatt
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Klein
Mr. & Mrs. David B. Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klein
Mr. George M. Klett
Mr. & Mrs. Yehuda W. Kohn
Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Kolodny
Mr. David Komansky
Mr. & Mrs. Zalman Komar
Rabbi & Mrs. Velvel Konikov
Mr. & Mrs. Heshy Korenblit
Mr. Michael Kott
Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Krinsky
Ms. Elyse N. Kroll
Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Kugel
Dr. & Mrs. Ira Kukin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kushner
Mr. & Mrs. Sholom D. Laine
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Yaacov Lang
Mr. Michael Laub
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard A. Lauder
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Lauder
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Lehrer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leibowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Avrohom Lemer
Mr. & Mrs. Feitel Levin
Mr. Yossi Levin
Mr. Harold I. Leviton
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Menachem M. Levy
Mr. John S. Levy
Mrs. Thelma M. Levy
Rabbi Don Yoel Levy
Mr. Ogden N. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lichtenstein
Mr. Morris Lieberman
Mr. & Mrs. Asher A. Lieblich
Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Lieblich
Mr. Robert Liner
Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Lipsch
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Lipsky
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Liu
Mr. Carl D. Lobell
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lodish
Mr. & Mrs. Avremel Lokshin
Mr. Allan Luks
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Luxenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Machnikoff
Mr. Antonio Magliocco, Jr. Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Malamud
Mr. Charles M. Maltbie, Jr.
Mr. Aaron R. Marcu
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Maryles
Mr. Marvin Mass
Mr. & Mrs. Randy M. Mastro
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Match Suna
Ms. Mary May
Mr. & Mrs. George Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Mayer
Mr. Patrick J. Mcdonnell
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mcfadden
Mr. Eugene McGrath
Mr. Francis J. Mcloughlin
Mr. Charles H. Meisels
Mr. & Mrs. Avrohom M. Melohn
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Menche
Mr. & Mrs. Ami Mesika
Mr. & Mrs. Ira M. Millstein
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Millstein
Mr. & Mrs. George Miner
Ms. Nina Miner
Ms. Faiga R. Minkowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Morgenstern
Mr. Robert A. Morvillo
Mr. Gary P. Naftalis
Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Namdar
Mr. Michael Neamonitakis
Mr. & Mrs. David Neuberg
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Neumann
Mr. & Mrs. Sholom Ber Neumark
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Newman
Mr. Robert Nizza
Mr. Joseph & Dr. Gail Notovitz
Ms. Bila Nuiman
Mr. Bernard Nussbaum
Mr. Thomas M. O'flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Ohebshalom
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ohebshalom
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Orgel
Mr. Sam Pace
Mr. Lawrence Pedowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Penn
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold S. Penner
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Peyser
Mr. & Mrs. Benyomin Philipson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Pindus
Mr. Aaron Pine
Mr. Lloyd J. Pine
Mr. & Mrs. Yankel Pinson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Poggi
Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel I. Popack
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Potack
Mr. John T. Quartuccio
Mr. S.B. Rabkin
Mr. & Mrs. Asriel Rackow
Mr. & Mrs. Mendel Raksin
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rechler
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rendelstein
Mr. Kalman Renov
Ms. Sondra Richmond
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rivkin
Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Rivkin
Mr. & Mrs. George Rohr
Dr. & Mrs. Eli Rosen
Mr. Carl Rosen
Meshulem Rosenblat
Mr. & Mrs. Abe Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Rothstein
Mr. & Mrs. Sholom M. Rubashkin
Mr. Howard J. Rubenstein
Drs. Jay & Helena Rubin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rudensky
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Sable
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sadowitz
Ms. Pauline Sadowitz
Mr. Wayne Saker
Mr. & Mrs. Yosef T. Sandman
Mr. & Mrs. Sassouni
Mr. Jack Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Schneider
Mr. Stephen Schnurmacher
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Schonberger
Mr. Michael Schreiber
Mr. Yisroel Schulman
Mr. Harvey Schulweis
Mr. Steve Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Michel Schwarcz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Marc G. Schwartzberg
Mr. Gary Segal
Mr. Jerry Seinfeld
Mr. Aaron Seligson
Mr. Gary Senack
Mr. Cliff Serbert
Mr. Stu Serota
Mr. Maurice Setton
Mr. Gabi Shabtai
Mr. & Mrs. Gedaliah R. Shaffer
Mr. & Mrs. Menachem Shagalow
Mr. & Mrs. Parag Shah
Mr. & Mrs. Amnon Shalhov
Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Sheinkopf
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Shires
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Shomron
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Siegel
Mr. & Mrs. Mendy Silber
Mr. Mark Silber
Mr. & Mrs. Avrohom Silver
Mrs. Rhona Silver
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Silverman
Mr. Larry Silverstein
Mr. & Mrs. Avrohom Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. David Smetana
Mr. Jonathan Sobel
Mr. Bob Solomon
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Somoroff
Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel D. Spalter
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Spector
Mr. & Mrs. Ari Sperlin
Ms. Nancy Spielberg
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P. Spielman
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Spiewak
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Stecher
Mr. Alan Steinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Steinmetz
Rabbi & Mrs. Nochum Sternberg
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Stoler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stone
Drs. Marc & Livia Straus
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Strauss
Mr. Norman Sturner
Mr. Michael T. Sullivan
Mr. Richard Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Swartz
Mr. & Mrs. J. Tisch
The Honorable Marjorie Tiven
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tocker
Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Tominberg
Mr. & Mrs. Boaz Topol
Mr. Laurence M. Traub
Mr. Bob Triscari
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Tuchman
Mr. & Mrs. Errol Uhr
Mrs. Rose Ullman
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vilinsky
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Vilinsky
Mr. Santiago Villar
Mr. Peter Ward
Mr. Jay Wartski
Mr. Anthony Watson
Mr. Robert T. Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Weiner
Mr. Anthony & Robert Weiner
Mrs. Gitti Weingarten
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Weinstein
Mr. Morry Weiss
Mr. Ira T. Wender
Mr. & Mrs. Judah L. Wernick
Dr. Marcia Wilf
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wilkowski
Mr. Christopher J. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Yaacov Winter
Mr. Steven Witkoff
Mr. & Mrs. Sharon Wittner
Mr. H. Wolf
Mr. Peter Wolff
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Yablon
Mr. & Mrs. Menachem M. Yadgar
Mr. & Mrs. Yisroel Yarmush
Mr. Ira Yavarkovsky
Mrs. Rose Yavarkovsky
Ms. Antonia Yuille
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zakon
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Zarif
Mr. Uri Zilkha
Mr. & Mrs. Avrohom Zuntz