Voyage Through Jewish History

You are about to journey back in time and across mountains and deserts. And you don’t even have to pack your toothbrush for the trip.
Climb through Noah’s Ark, visit the tent of Abraham and Sarah, and experience the journey of the Jewish people through many lands and thousands of years, till today.

Patriarchs and Matriarchs

Travel back to Biblical times to experience history first hand. Visit Abraham’s tent and be a witness to his ten tests of faith. Draw buckets from a well to learn about Isaac and Rebecca. Play with nesting dolls representing Jacob’s twelve sons. Decorate Joseph’s unique coat of many colors.

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New Nation

Follow the Jewish people’s journey through the desert and learn about the amazing miracles that took place. Build the Tabernacle, and sound the Shofar to make the walls of Jericho come crashing down! Learn about Jewish judges and leaders, and even play King David’s laser harp.

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Land of Israel

Take a virtual tour of Israel, and find out why the land is so special to the Jewish people. Wander through a garden comprised of the seven species mentioned in the Bible. Play the exciting first fruits race and compete to bring the first fruits as offerings to the Temple.

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Sages Through the Ages

Find out what the Mishna and Talmud are and then explore the evolution of Jewish traditions and Biblical interpretation by getting to know seven great scholars and spiritual leaders – Hillel, Saadia HaGaon, Rashi (Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac), Maimonides (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon), Rabbi Isaac Ben Solomon Luria (the Ari), Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (the Baal Shem Tov) and Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen Kagan (the Chafetz Chaim).

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Jewish World Today

Return to the modern age to look at the vibrancy of Jewish life around the globe. A giant map presents audio and visual glimpses of various Jewish communities and their unique traditions. Visit a replica of the Western Wall in Jerusalem where you can have a “real-time” look at the holy site through a state-of-the-art web cam.

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The Holocaust

Celebrate Jewish survival by learning true stories of bravery, devotion, and faith during the Holocaust. Hear about women in a concentration camp who made a menorah out of nine spoons, peer into the secret synagogue created in a basement in the ghetto and bear witness to other tales of hope.

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One Good Deed

When visitors began their journey through the museum at the story of creation, they learned about the obligation to make the world a better place. At the conclusion of the tour, the hope for the ultimate redemption is shared. As a final project, each child will place a tile on a large, ongoing mosaic, clearly demonstrating how we are all part of the same world and are all responsible for our own small portion of it.

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Noah’s Ark

Made specially for the little ones, Noah’s Ark features a ball pit, climbing structure and slide and soft play area! Notice amazing things about the Ark, like the giant lit-up gem that provided light Noah and his family.

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